Announcing "The Terra-Cotta Soldier" my Indy/SW Fanfilm

The Terra-Cotta Soldier: A Jefferson Jones & Jax Skywalker Adventure

This is my Indiana Jones & Star Wars fanfilm. Its been in the making for four and a half years. Thanks to all those in this community for helping me get started in this kind of thing way back when. And a big "hello" to all my old Indyfan friends.

I need to apologize for the quality of the "Xian river" sequence, as it was made several years before the rest of the film and doesn't have the same production value, but it's still decent (and funny). Some of you probably already saw that part way back when we completed it.

Come back here and let me know what you think!

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Re: Announcing "The Terra-Cotta Soldier" my Indy/SW Fanfilm

If any of you enjoyed my short Indiana Jones & Star Wars fanfilm titled The Terra-Cotta Soldier, you'll want to catch the alternate ending I just uploaded to the website. I've also posted Outakes, and a Dorkumentary (yes I spelled that right) by my brother.

Watch these new bonus features, or the original film (if you haven't seen it already) at

Thanks for the support I've received here, by a few. Please let me know what you think of both the film itself (if you haven't already), as well as these new bonus features.

--the Fiddler