Galadriel? Butch?

MTV keeps the IJ:KotCS (err... that's quite an acronym, you know "Kingdom") interviews coming.

The exchange is good for a chuckle:

MTV: Have you gotten bruised up? I would assume some significant stunt work is involved.

Blanchett: Oh, baby. Spielberg kept saying he was butching me up.

MTV: Are there any giant boulders chasing after you?

Blanchett: Not that I remember. Maybe that's when I was knocked unconscious.

MTV: There's so much secrecy around this movie. Who have you shared the plot with? Your family?

Blanchett: Are you going to take them hostage?

MTV: Yes, that was my plan.

Blanchett: I wouldn't put them in that danger. [She laughs.] No, very few people have seen the script. Only department heads have seen the script.

Source: Blanchett had a great time working on 'Indy 4' - [TheRaider.Net]