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We're All Green With Envy

Apparently, a bunch of folks from various sites around the web were invited to the set of Kingdom. (FYI, I'm trying this terminology out: Raiders, Temple, Crusade, Kingdom).

Ain't It Cool News: Quint spots a certain character mentioned but not seen in Raiders (Kind of a spoiler)

SlashFilm: Apparently the current title has been the one for over a year. All others are red herrings.

Also: IGN, ComingSoon.Net, IESB.net

Galadriel? Butch?

MTV keeps the IJ:KotCS (err... that's quite an acronym, you know "Kingdom") interviews coming.

The exchange is good for a chuckle:

MTV: Have you gotten bruised up? I would assume some significant stunt work is involved.

Blanchett: Oh, baby. Spielberg kept saying he was butching me up.

MTV: Are there any giant boulders chasing after you?

Blanchett: Not that I remember. Maybe that's when I was knocked unconscious.

MTV: There's so much secrecy around this movie. Who have you shared the plot with? Your family?

Blanchett: Are you going to take them hostage?

MTV: Yes, that was my plan.

Blanchett: I wouldn't put them in that danger. [She laughs.] No, very few people have seen the script. Only department heads have seen the script.

Source: Blanchett had a great time working on 'Indy 4' - [TheRaider.Net]

Lucas Skull Talk

If you haven't already, be sure to watch the clips in the MTV story where Lucas was interviewed at the AFI 40th Anniversary celebration.

It's funny to see the MTV headline: George Lucas Promises 'Crystal Skull' Will Be As Good As First Indiana Jones Flick

He said nothing of the kind. He was rating the object of Indy's pursuit and ranked the Crystal Skull "up there" with the Ark. It sounds like he is rating it more on its ability to drive the plot, rather than on some fundamental level.

Source: Lucas talks about the 'Crystal Skull' relic [TheRaider.Net]

Raiders of Spielberg's Office

According to IESB.net, someone broke into Spielberg's office and stole a bunch of Indy IV material, including stills and other sensitive paperwork. The thief apparently sold some of the materials to TMZ.com, but has since been apprehended. Shame on TMZ.com for dealing with a criminal.


Hello, Hello... Is there anybody out there...

It's been a long time.

I created a web page in early 1995 because I heard there was an Indiana Jones sequel in the works, and I wanted to know every scrap of information about it. Over the intervening time, my faith in a new Indy sequel waned to nothing. I feel badly that I did not keep the faith, and I'm somewhat ashamed to return now, hopping on the bandwagon so to speak. Oh well... I can't deny that I'm once again excited about Indy IV.

Hope to see you around...

Should I Be Concerned?

In the latest scoop from AICN there is a revelation considering one of the sets used in the upcoming Indy sequel. Ever since the official site chose its current design, I've had an uneasy feeling. Is it just me? Could Indy IV be drinking too deeply from the "Raiders" well?

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