Indiana Jones Style Shirts Available

The main feature of the authentic Indiana Jones shirts are the 1.5" bands down the front above the left and right pockets.

Our shirts are old uniform shirts that we re-sew to appear to be Indiana Jones shirts.

Take a look at pictures of the Indiana Jones Shirts, and our shirt. You will see we are as close to authentic as anyone on the Internet. We are also $20 lower than most.

Why buy from the guys that claim they have spent 2 years trying to figure out the fit? We take shirts from manufacturers that have been in business for decades and alter the sleeves, pockets and add the band. The fit is proven.

The color of our shirts is golden tan or khaki, depending on the manufacturer. The shirt content is a 65\35 poly rayon blend. Learn more about our shirts at

Each shirt is custom made at time of order. If you need a different size email me at We have neck sizes from 14.5 to 20 in stock (woman's sizes 32-48). I have the capacity to make only 10 shirts\week. Order now!

Right now I'll custom alter a shirt for you for $54.95. Once the new Indiana Jones movie opens in theaters, I may raise the price significantly.